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Breakfast Menu

Biscuit Plain add Honey optional

Egg & Biscuit Sandwich add Cheese optional

Egg, Veggie Sausage Biscuit Sandwich add Cheese optional

Country Biscuit Benedict: Biscuit with Veggie Sausage Pattie 2 Poached Eggs & Hollandaise

Mom’s Biscuits & Gravy: Veggie Sausage & Gravy 

Harold’s Loaded Veggie Breakfast Potatoes: Plain or Sweet Potatoes Loaded with Onions, Peppers & Mushrooms with 2 Egg Cooked to Order & Choice of Hollandaise, Salsa or Gravy

Not Your Grandma's Old Fashioned Pancakes: Vegan & Gluten Free Pancakes served with Maple Syrup - Add Butter, Whipped Cream, Seasonal Fresh or Caramelized Fruit add .99

Lunch Menu


Loaded Farmers’ Fries: Plain, Sweet Potato or Seasonal Vegetables with Nutritional Yeast “Cheese” Sauce & Green Onions with Homemade Aioli, Stoneground Mustard, or Ketchup

Jalapeño Poppers (Seasonal): Jalapeños filled with Cashew Cheese Baked or Breaded & Fried with Homemade Aioli, Stone Ground Mustard, Memphis Mudd BBQ Sauce, Ketchup or Hot Sauce

Mom’s Angel Eggs: Free-Range Eggs with Whipped Yolks Garnished w/Paprika and Sprouts


Harold's Bean Chili

Soup du Jour, Example: Beet Soup – Golden or Red Beets Poached with Ginger & Pureed, Served Cold with Chimichurri Drizzle & Beet Chips

Leek & Potato Soup: Potatoes & Leeks cooked in Homemade Almond Milk with Forged Mushrooms, Whipped Goat or Cashew Cheese & Crispy Leeks


Pickled Vegetable Salad: Mixed Pickled Vegetables & Hard-Boiled Egg on top Massaged Kale tossed in Blueberry Vinaigrette, with Herbed Croutons – Add Cheese for .99

Seasonal Salad, Sample: Summer Squash Pasta Salad – Thin Slices of Green & Yellow Squash tossed in Pesto, with Cherry Tomatoes, Toasted Almonds & Nutritional Yeast – Add Cheese for .99

Main Build Your Own Veggie Burger

All sandwiches served on local/homemade bread (Gluten Free option available upon request) with house pickled vegetables, Tomatoes & lettuce. May purchase other sides to substitute or add to order

1st Choose Your Patty

Red Beet, Black Bean, Quinoa Patty or Crispy Chickpea & Sweet Potato Patty

2nd Sauce it

Aioli, Hot Sauce, Memphis Mudd BBQ Sauce, Stone Ground Mustard, or Ketchup

3rd Top It

Caramelized Onions, Sautéed Local Mushrooms, Slaw, Free-Range Egg or Seasonal Roasted Shishito Peppers

4th Cheese It

Nutritional Yeast Sauce, Bleu Cheese, Cheddar Cheese or Goat Cheese

Chef Coty’s Seasonal Pulled BBQ

Smoked Seasonal Vegetable mixed in Memphis Mudd BBQ Sauce with Slaw


Potato Salad: Potatoes in Aioli, with Green Onion, Celery, & Carrots or Vegan with Olive Oil & Nutritional yeast

Cauliflower Popcorn: Cauliflower Bites Broiled or Raw tossed in Olive Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Redmond REAL SALT, & Turmeric

Seasonal Vegetable, Sweet Potato or Plain Fries

Seasonal Fruit Cup

Blue Plate Special

Seasonal Vegetable or Local Meat Dishes. Examples: Country Fried Cauliflower or Country Fried Bison Steak, Veggieloaf or Mom’s Italian Meatloaf and other Homestyle inspired dishes

Chef Coty’s Memphis Mudd BBQ Sandwich

Dry Rub Smoked Cabbage Shredded and Smothered in Memphis Mudd BBQ Sauce w/side Coleslaw


Harold’s Boiled Cookies

Seasonal Pies: Add a Scoop of Harold’s Ice-Cream for 3.99

Rotation of Apple, Cherry, Wild Berry Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb, Mom’s Chocolate Pudding, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin Pie

Homemade Ice-Cream

By the Scoop: Chocolate, Vanilla, Seasonal or Vegan/Dairy Free Served in Cup or Waffle Cone

Pint of Ice-Cream

Quart of Ice-Cream

Sundaes: Chocolate & caramel sauce poured over your favorite ice-cream topped with whipped cream & a cherry

Milk Shake: Your Choice of Ice-Cream & Milk/DF Product Blended together and topped with Whipped Cream

Mix In: Brownie Chunks, Cookie Chunks or Seasonal Fruit

Banana Split: Your Choice of Ice-Cream scooped between a split banana with chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, toasted nuts and seasonal fruit garnish

Root Beer Float: Vanilla Ice-Cream Scoop in a mug of local – made root beer

Soda Fountain

Your choice of locally made sodas or kombuchas on tap.

We operate as a Ministry and we ask that you provide a minimum requested DONATION in exchange of our nourishing foods.  If you feel compelled, perhaps you would like to 'pay it forward' and offer an extra donation to allow another soul to experience our nutritional, soul fueling food.


It is the mission of “Harold’s Diner, Soda Fountain & Farmacy” to provide a place of security in trust and food. We at Harold’s strive to provide you with food that feeds more than your appetite. It is our goal to prepare for you clean, local and mindful meals. Supporting “Harold’s Diner, Soda Fountain & Farmacy” does more than just help a food service operation. It helps build our community by sourcing local farmers and other entrepreneurs to ensure you get the purest options available.

Harold Hagar always enjoyed seeing his neighbors grow and we do our best to hold true in his honor helping our community with your support. Harold’s is a place of open doors to whoever needs a meal and offers gratuitous options for those with food insecurities.

​This is achieved with our “Lunch Box” system that plays a main role at “Harold’s Diner, Soda Fountain & Farmacy”.

While we strive to feed many of those that have food insecurity, it will be our focus to ensure children in our community do not go without a lunch for school. Harold’s also provides a safe place for children to gather with friends during and after the school year.

“Harold’s Diner, Soda Fountain & Farmacy” also attracts the local bicycling community. Located on the “Razorback Greenway” trail in NWA is a convenient pit-stop for the bicyclist on the go. It will be our mission to provide clean – fueling – healthy options to those on the go enjoying the bicycle trails. The options provided will be easily ordered and ready to go.

We trust that you always enjoy your meals at “Harold’s Diner, Soda Fountain & Farmacy” and easily pick up some holistic needs. You will always leave satisfied knowing that feeding yourself also feeds the community.

Pure Integrity Verified

Harold's Gathering is a place where we keep your health as well as the health of the planet in mind.   All of our ingredients are from sources with the highest integrity organic standards.  We also source from organic local farmers.  We use sustainable practices as much as we can for our resources.  We also practice good ecology living so that we leave a lighter carbon foot- print on our sacred planet.  Our salt is brought to you from Redmond Real Salt.  Salt of the earth give our bodies the mineralized fuel it needs to continue to move forward.

​Our menu of offerings is as close to 'Farm to Plate', in a restaurant, as you will get. We are proud supporters of the Pure Integrity Verified™  Seal of standards.  This ensures that you are getting the best quality and healthy benefits from our food sources as you can.