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Join us in our MISSION that feeds those with food insecurities & provide empowering opportunities for those overcoming life challenges. We are creating a place together that builds the community and gives the LORD’S children the foundation for their full potential.

Donating today gives Harold’s Gatherings the opportunity to continue to grow, expand and reach out to the masses. Some examples of how we utilize your donations are, but not limited to:

  • Meals for Children with Food Insecurities
  • Building & Growing a Garden for the Diner & Community
  • Allows us to offer Financial Gifts to Volunteers who need the “Hand-Up”
  • Offer Special Classes to the Community i.e., Resume Building, Home Buying, Cooking, Gardening.

Your donation goes directly to helping Harold’s Gatherings achieve these goals of building a safe, sober and empowering environment for all of the community.

“Harold’s Gatherings” builds effective community relationships that trust in the mission to support each other. It is the mission to provide meal programs to children and others with food insecurities. Grandpa Harold believed in teaching with giving. Therefore “Harold’s Gatherings” offers educational projects that also connect the community to grow together. Providing a safe place for our children and others with a challenging past to develop a successful life is an important part of the ministry’s focus.

Grandpa Harold believed in seeing the best in people and second chances for those whose heart is in the right place. He would give you the shirt off his back and the meal from his plate. At “Harold’s Gatherings” we place volunteers and interns from local organizations in programs that seek to empower people to move forward in life. Often times these people have difficult times finding better opportunities without previous experience. “Harold’s Gatherings” is a place that will teach these life skills and working relationships to give the building blocks to build a better future.

Providing empowering opportunities is also the objective of “Harold’s Gatherings” to be a ministry that provides children with meals, clothes, and other means for them to live their best life. It is the mission for “Harold’s Gatherings” to be a ministry and name recognized that empowers the community and our children to learn, grow and reach their full potential. 

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Luke 3:11 - "He answered them, Whoever has two shirts should share with the person who doesn't have any. Whoever has food should share it too."