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In Honor of Harold Hagar

  • Harold Lee Hagar
  • Green Beret of the United States Army
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Missionary
  • Author of " The Golden Stairway to Heaven"
  • Entrepreneur
  • Computer programmer

One of the happiest men on the planet, Harold had a heart of gold, with the true essence of integrity and love abounding in the soul of Harold. His zest and love for life and our great Creator expelled from his heart. 

Harold brought together the meaning of simplicity and loving to live life.  He enjoyed large gatherings around the supper table where he encouraged family and friendship communication of thoughts and ideas. Harold believed in doing all that we can while here on this earth for just a short moment. He believed life was to be journeyed instead of just living. 

Harold was the essence of pure joy and made it a point that not one single person left his sight without a smile on their face or laughter in their belly. He said the life we live is too short to be angry any time. He encouraged everyone to always remain "as a child" but never childish, so that we would see through the innocence of their eyes. In this way, he believed we would live the most abundant and happiest life. 

He was a man of his word where he solely believed in the literal definition of "Let your Yes be your Yes, and Your No be your No". He lived true to this nature. He garnered respect from the seemingly powerful. 

Harold was also a true Soldier for the LORD where he was not afraid to stand for his birth given freedoms. He encouraged everyone to remain diligent and reclaim the freedoms we were born with. Everything he stood for and did; he did with a beautiful smile on his face and his deep love for humanity. Harold represented the true essence of a mighty Viking Warrior for the LORD.

It is our pleasure to share the legacy of Harold Hagar with everyone through his honest and pure ways of providing a place to empower the children and our communities. We are truly grateful that the LORD has provided us with his teachings through our Grandpa Harold.

Along with serving the LORD he also made sure to provide for his family. Intermediate, distant relatives and even the family he chose throughout his life. Harold always believed that we are stronger together and the power within us will shine bright for us all. He taught his children and grandchildren not to take this life for granted and to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. He was a man who gave second chances and saw the pure heart that everyone truly has.

This is why the Harold’s Gatherings Ministry is a place that provides meals to those with food insecurities through Harold’s Diner, Soda Fountain & Farmacy. Along with providing meals Harold would also use this opportunity to provide others with a second chance and hand up.

Harold’s grandson Coty always had the dream of opening his own restaurant. Throughout the years he honed his culinary skills and sought ways to live a healthy lifestyle. He learned at a young age from his family that it takes determination, passion, and pure integrity to accomplish goals and make dreams a reality. When it came time for him to move onto the next chapter in his career, he could not think of a better way than to create a place that will empower the community and provide a “hand up” to those in need.

Coty has always known that his passion for cooking would be his life’s duty and gift to whoever needs a meal.  After many years of feeding those of us who are fortunate not to worry about our next meal and have the luxury of dining out, he decided it is time to feed the masses. He has turned his dream into a reality that will provide meals and a “dining out” experience to those with food insecurities. Especially the LORD’s children. For it is said to us from the LORD’s word “…Whoever has food should share it too.” Luke 3:11.

Throughout the years he has seen how other chefs have also helped give a “hand up” to people with challenging past. After seeing the struggles of a close family member doing their best to turn their life around, he found it heart breaking that there weren’t many great options. Coty decided it is his responsibility, as a chef, to build a place that is safe and clean with a sober atmosphere to provide a hand up. The LORD has blessed us with skills, knowledge and other means to live and to pay it forward to our fellow brothers and sisters in this world. Therefore, it is his mission to help build these individuals back up, teach them skills they may have lost and let them regain their dignity. In doing this, we are helping build a stronger community by giving these people a hand up so that they can become a member of our community that provides to everyone.

When you choose to be a part of Harold’s Gatherings Ministry, you are doing more than providing a hand up. You are the change to empower our children and provide dignity to those who may have been lost. We welcome anyone with open arms who seeks a place to feel safe and be in an environment full of LOVE and the energy of our LORD.