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Coty Pate

Coty was born in Memphis, TN. His mother Lynnette moved there from small-town Arkansas where he and his sisters, Jordan and Haley spent a good portion of their childhoods. When they weren’t spending time in Arkansas connecting to their roots, they were outside in their community playing with the neighbors until the streetlights came on. Their parents loved kids and always welcomed them to their home anytime. This lead his family to become involved with fostering children. Coty, Jordan and Haley always loved having another sibling in the family and felt it very hard to let them go onto their forever families. These life lessons and upbringing gave Coty and his sisters the biggest hearts to always be the light for the children. It has always been Coty’s desire to be an inspiration and positive influence on his sisters and any brother or sister around the world. His parents Lynnette and Tommy always taught them to follow their dreams and everything else will fall into place. Growing up with a life-threatening disease and having over 30 surgeries before the age of 14 it was always Coty’s determination to show others that anyone can accomplish their goals. While many doctors told him he would never be cured and the possibility of dying young that did not keep Coty from pursuing his passion for swimming becoming one of the best on the team and making it to nationals. It was Coty’s disease that encouraged his mother to pursue other means to live a healthy lifestyle through food.

Once it was time for Coty to choose a career path he never thought of working “9 – 5” job. His passion for cooking and feeding people was just as strong as he had for life. Coty always believed that mealtime was one of the most important aspects of our lives. This is why he pursued the culinary arts and business management at the Art Institute of Phoenix, AZ. There he learned from some of the best chefs and businessmen(women) in the world. He took his skills he gained from college to complete an externship in Lyon, France. This was an experience where he gained an immense amount of knowledge and skills. This 6 months of living in a foreign country only gave him more of a passion to travel and spread his knowledge of cooking with health and wellness in mind. After college he worked 5 star resorts, locally owned businesses and then found his way into the private chef sector of yachting and estates. It was during this time Coty truly focused on building an operation to feed the masses. While he accomplished many goals throughout his life, Coty still felt the need that his skills and knowledge were meant for more than just feeding a select few. This is why he felt it would be best to open a diner that operates in a completely different way than most other food service operations. Now Coty is here to share the knowledge and power of food to everyone that seeks a place of food security. Please check out the “Our Story” tab to find more about how “Harold’s Gatherings Ministry” became to be.

Josh Musehl
Outreach Coordinator/General Manager

Joshua Musehl was born and raised in Branson, Mo. Over the last ten years he has been living in Eureka Springs, AR and truly loves living in Northwest Arkansas. Living in the Ozarks for his childhood he saw the value of community, family and nature. From fishing on the docks with his grandpa, to laying on the trampoline watching the lighting bugs start their show, he always felt the special connection to nature that comes with living here. Both sets of Josh’s grandparents were in the hospitality business. It was growing up on the weekends at his grandma’s café and seeing the importance of how food connects people together. This is when Josh knew he wanted to connect to his family’s past and help feed people. Plus, with his sweet tooth Josh’s grandma always knew he had room for her famous milkshakes. Being a Boys and Girls Club participant as a kid, Josh realizes the importance of these neighborhood organizations. They give children a safe, empowering and loving location where they can simply be children and not have these burdens most are facing. With Josh’s sweet tooth you know there will always be a milkshake in hand to brighten up one’s day. Just like his grandmother for him.

With an opportunity to volunteer in another country, he saw that insecurities are just not in other countries, but they can be found right here at home. Being a part of Harold’s Gatherings Ministries for Josh is a chance to give back to these community organizations that was a big impact on his childhood. His belief that fostering an inclusive, healthy and overall empowering location only gives the youth the necessary needs to be whoever they want dream to be.